SFP to SFP Protocol Transparent Fiber Mode Converters: These products simply interconnect two fiber connections back to back. The advantage of this type of solution is that it is protocol independent [supporting non-Ethernet protocols such as Fibre Channel, ATM/SONET OC-X, SDH STM-X, FDDI, Video, etc…] to address multiple applications. However, if you decide to use a protocol independent media converter in an Ethernet environment you may experience degradation on the fiber signal. This opens up the possibility of link failures and data retransmission making the link appear very slow. For this reason Perle has an extensive line of Perle Fiber to Fiber Media Converters designed specifically for Ethernet fiber applications. These Fiber Converters have Ethernet transceivers that regenerate the signal received before passing it along to the other fiber transceiver port. This ensures a strong signal across each fiber link to ensure link integrity. Fiber to Fiber Media Converter models that are best suited for enterprise and Service Provider applications, offer an on-board processor to continuously monitor that both fiber connections are up. This functionality, generally referred to as "Link Pass-Through", monitors the state of the link to the end devices and ensures that each end-point knows whether the entire link is up or not. Some media converter products do not have this intelligence and simply “nail up” the link even though the fiber link peer is down. With Link Pass-Through, a feature available in all Perle Fiber to Fiber Optic Converters, the network’s SNMP management system can be alerted when a fault occurs so that corrective action can take place.

The most common type of Fiber- Fiber Converter is one that is an unmanaged standalone device with its own power adapter. Where large densities of media converters are required, chassis-based systems are also available. These rack mountable units can house up to 19 managed or unmanaged media converter modules providing redundant power for AC and 48v DC environments. Perle offers an extensive choice of full-featured Fiber to Fiber Media Converter solutions. Choose Perle for the right product to meet your multimode to single mode or multi mode to multimode extension requirement. Perle also offers a broad range of Ethernet-Fiber Converters to enable connections of UTP copper-based ethernet equipment over a fiber optic link to take advantage of the benefits of fiber.